A Bout with Doubt
There's no doubt about it. We all doubt at some point in our lives. Whether we doubt our faith, God's goodness, or just His willingness to work in our lives, we all have our bouts with doubts. Doubts don’t have to be knockout punch to our faith. In this series, you’ll learn how doubts can be a catalyst to strengthen your faith and deepen your belief.

Series Dates

I Doubt God’s Goodness -

November 15

I Doubt God Will Help Me -

November 22

I Doubt God Can Use Me -

November 29

Regardless of who you are or where you've been, God is writing a story...
in your life

...in your life

We’ve all had our unique set of struggles and triumphs to get to where we are today. At Epic, we accept you right where you are in your life, and are a community of people that strive to show love, acceptance, and sincerity in everything we do. We join you in the amazing journey of becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.

in your life

...in your family

Life is an adventure best done together. We believe that strong families start with a solid spiritual foundation. We partner with parents to help raise up the next generation of young people who have a strong relationship with Jesus.

in your life

...in our world

We are all part of a bigger story God is writing in this world and every person has a crucial role to play. It’s our passion to help you discover how to make your unique impact in this world. Join us in serving our community and the world by donating your time, resources, and passions to make a difference in the life of someone else.